Monday, March 27, 2017

Have you seen the Sign? One way the other side communicates with us.

Have you seen the sign?

Are you one of those people that follows the signs that the cosmos bestows upon you? Do you notice them? Do you feel them? Do you want to notice and feel them? Some people call them mini miracles of the day. A fleeting moment that jolts you into the present moment, helping you to be aware, awake and tuned in. Are you tuned in?

When I was young I never really understood what "that" kind of sign really was. "Coincidence" I would say or deja vu would cross my mind, was I here before?, or I think I remember that from a dream or something. The signs were always there but I was not aware, or better yet, in alignment with seeing them. When you get into alignment with the Universe, you see everything. Remember that saying "Stop and smell the Roses?" Well, have you done that lately, or are you stuck? Frantically getting to work, picking up groceries, getting things done around the house. You see those little things, a butterfly that lingers just a little longer than normal, a humming bird that comes right up to you and looks you straight in the eye. A sparkle of light that catches your eyes that seems to come from no where. The literal sign that has a name on it that reminds you to call that friend. All of these things and more happen to people everyday and they don't even notice them. Take notice, it will boost your vibration and help you into alignment with the Universe.

A good place to start is awareness. Awareness of you, your body in space, your feet on the ground. Your physical awareness is what I am talking about. Where you are in space. The space around you. The space that your energy fills around you. In basic terms it snaps your mind into the here and now. That exact moment in time. Just be.

You know that gut feeling you get when you take a wrong turn while driving and you don't feel good about it. When you are in that "just be" state of mind more and more you feel that feeling. You know what that gut feeling is trying to tell you. Now you start to listen, you get quiet enough to really listen and you follow that feeling. You are always right. I did not experience awareness until I went to massage therapy school. It was different to say the least. We never sat at a desk. We sat on the floor with a back jack for all of our classes. We meditated before we started each class. It was foreign to me at first but I fell in love with that life experience and still to this day I practice meditating and being aware, listening to my gut feelings, noticing myself in space, being in the moment, thankful for the beauty that surrounds me.

Once you have become aware, thankfulness automatically starts to flow. Now that you are noticing these "signs", these little snip-its of unusual life happenings, automatically you stop, notice and feel awe and then that thankfulness will flow. That deep pleasure and happiness streams from your heart, as you think "Wow" did you just see that? How could you not feel gratitude. It propels you into feeling that vibrational alignment, that feeling of pure bliss at that very moment. No thoughts, just being. That feeling is good, very good. Lets have more of that feeling.

Where are these signs coming from? Is it just nature's random act to serve us in some weird and warped way, or is it Spirit trying to communicate, or better yet really trying to commune with us on a daily basis. The latter is where I stand. Our Source Energy, Guides, Angels and those that have past that we were close to all watch. They watch and when asked will intervene to help. They love us and care for our life experience and are willing to give us a sign, any type of sign to help guide us into the right direction. Don't be afraid to ask for help. They are ready, willing and able to help you. You may not even be aware that you have asked. You sent a thought out to the Universe and it gathers up all its resources and jumps in to help you.

Take time to notice and "to be" more often. Feel the feeling of gratitude daily. Send out love and harmony to the Universe. You will be surprised what will happen!

A client shared this "Have you seen the sign?" story with me,

One of my favorite all time signs was the one about running out of cocoa powder. So, a few years ago Brodie's daycare called me to tell me that he was sick and I needed to come pick him up and take him home. So I left work early, got him home and situated on the couch in the living room watching TV, while I was in the kitchen trying to cook dinner and also bake. I was trying to bake black forest cakes using a favorite homemade recipe that I have, but I had added in about half the ingredients when I realized I was all out of the key ingredient: cocoa powder! I had dinner cooking on the stove, a sick kid on the couch with a fever and half the batter already prepared for these cakes. There was no way I could leave the house with the oven and stove on and a sick kid. I looked out the window across the street at my neighbor Janice and Greg's house, wondering if Janice was home. I didn't see her car there, but thought maybe just by chance she was in the house anyway. While I was staring at her house I saw Greg walking back and forth from his van to the garage, sawing some wood and getting ready for work the next day. I didn't want to bother Greg while he was working to ask him to go inside and see if he had any cocoa powder,  so I had my phone in my hand for like 5 min, debating whether or not to call Greg or Janice, and was stuck with indecision. As I was holding my phone it rang - it was Janice! She called and told me that she was at Stop and Shop and did I need anything? She had never done that before, it was definitely not normal for her just to check in with me and see if I need anything. And even more than that, I should have been at work that day, she had no idea that I had come home early with Brodie. I told her that she had no idea how badly I needed cocoa powder, and she laughed and brought it over within 10 minutes. I was almost falling over in shock because I could not believe the timing of her phone call, she just looked completely unfazed and said that that sort of thing happens to her all the time and it was no big deal. To this day that is my favorite sign.

If you have experienced a "Have you seen the sign?" moment, Please Share!
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